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In the beginning, we should talk about the details of the process that interest you, what steps are followed, and what happens after that

After choosing the doctor, we must also mention that it is one of the most important factors for the success of the operation, for several reasons, the most important of which is that the specialist doctor

In microscopic injections, he has great experience in that field, and no matter how difficult the case and the problem may be, he has experience to deal with the case

and choose the right solution for you. It is also important in choosing a doctor to be able to explain the details of the operation to the patient

Explain the steps to be followed and that the spouses are fully aware of the details of the case ,

Can I Find the best Female Infertility Specialist?

Who is the best IVF doctor in Egypt?

Choosing the ICSI doctor is one of the most important factors for the success of the operation, because if the center where he works is sufficiently equipped and contains all the modern equipment

This is also one of the factors for the success of the operation and factors of reassurance for the patient that in the event of any problem, the doctor will be able to solve it quickly

In the beginning, we must know when we need a microinjection process.
ICSI helps to get rid of male fertility problems, which include the following:

Little sperm production
The presence of a defect in the shape of the sperm or the nature of its movement, which hinders the process of penetrating the egg
The failure of traditional methods of fertilization of the egg
Fallopian tube obstruction
Inability of the sperm to fertilize an egg

microinjection process

The process begins with ovarian stimulation: oocyte development is stimulated using injections containing FSH before the eggs mature

Egg retrieval: A special needle is used to extract eggs from the ovaries into special tubes

Sperm collection: Initially, the presence of viable sperm is confirmed, after which a semen sample is taken

Egg injection: At this stage, each egg is injected with one sperm, and then it is kept in the nursery

Transfer of fertilized eggs to the uterus of the wife: The embryos are transferred into the uterus using a special tube with precise specifications

ICSI has achieved very high success rates recently and is considered a solution for every couple to achieve the goal of procreation,

Like any operation that has success rates, failure rates, or factors that lead to a defect during the operation and not obtaining the desired result,

But the ICSI process has a success rate of more than 80%.

The best ICSI doctor in Egypt explains the problems that hinder the ICSI process

Damage to some eggs
It is possible that the egg may not develop after the injection
A halt in the growth of the fetus
In some cases, the spouses think that due to the microscopic injection process, the child may suffer from deformities or birth defects, but this is not true

Because the rates of this happening are in the normal range, the probability of that does not exceed 3%.

Is there a relationship between ICSI and artificial insemination.

The answer is yes, polycystic ovary syndrome is a type of lazy ovaries or laziness in the function of the ovaries that may be the result of genetic factors

Or an increase in weight, which leads to an increase in her male hormones, and there are some cases in which the cause of laziness cannot be reached so we have to resort to

to steroids for the ovaries, and the result of the steroids must be followed up every month, and in the event that pregnancy does not occur, we look for other reasons that

Many patients do not know the difference between IVF and ICSI

ICSI is one of the advanced types of artificial insemination that takes place outside the body.

The success rate is very high.

The idea of ​​this process is to activate the ovary so that it produces the largest number of eggs to be withdrawn

Under the microscope using a thin needle dedicated to it.

In ICSI, it is a procedure done in a laboratory. One sperm is injected directly into each egg

Important tips before the microscopic injection process

Maintain a healthy diet.

Drink more water

Eat vegetables and fruits on a daily basis and make sure to eat the important fibers for the body

Choose lean proteins such as fish and poultry

Avoid red meat and sugar in large quantities

Make sure to exercise

Avoid stress and maintain your mental health

There are many centers that perform microscopic injections, but your choice of location must be

Specialists and a complete nursing staff provide you with comfort and reassurance,

Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud is the most famous microscopic injection doctor in Egypt, he obtained that title through many investigations

Among the success stories, the center obtained the highest success rates in the field of ICSI.

Patients’ trust is always our motivation and our goal is to achieve every couple’s hope of having children

We have provided all the information about the microscopic injection process and the details

that every couple who is about to undergo this process needs to know,

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